Real Hair Solutions for Thin, Flat Hair

Thin flat hair can a very disturbing problem. Maybe you have one of those perfect faces that looks great with hair lying perfectly flat but then you would be the exception, not the rule. In our culture thick hair is a sign of youth and vitality. If we are born with hair that is fine and soft in texture, it will tend to appear thin and flat.

We are born with the genetic disposition to produce a certain number of hair follicles and the use of salves and preparations will not increase that number. There are, however, techniques to make the most of the hair we have.

First of all there are shampoos that will cause the hair to appear to have more body. An extra cleansing or clarifying shampoo will free the hair from any oils or leftover styling products that cling to the hair and cause it to be heavy. This type of shampoo should be used no more than once a week. At all other times use a volumizing shampoo formulated to thicken each strand with the use of polymers.

Long or color treated hair will require a conditioner. Use a light conditioner formulated for fine hair like Marrakesh leave-in conditioner. Apply the conditioner to the ends of the hair only. The root area of the hair rarely needs conditioning.

In styling, use a mousse or volumizing gel that is formulated for fine hair. The addition of a root lifter is also helpful. Sprayed on at the root of the hair, this product will give you extra body and lift.  Stay away from the use of products that are used to increase shine as they often contain silicone, weighing the hair down.

The effectiveness of any product you use will depend on how you dry your hair. The hair must be lifted up off the scalp. Using a vent brush to lift the hair up rather than brushing it can do this. It can also be achieved by brushing the hair in the opposite direction from which it falls. Finally — and probably most easily — if you have long hair, turn your head upside down and dry the hair until just the ends are damp. In all of these techniques, dry the root area of the hair first. A little backcombing in the crown provides a longer lasting style.

Finally, finish your style with a light hairspray, like Sebastian Shaper. Use it only where needed, such as around the face, on the backcombing before smoothing it, and lightly over the top.

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