Give Your Hair A Fresh Look With Minimum Fuss

Our hair is our pride and joy and we use it for self expression. When we look good we feel good, and the first step to looking good is learning ways to style our hair in an up-to-date fashion. A lot of us grow up and have to learn how to style our hair, apply our make up, and take care of our skin through magazine articles and trial and error on ourselves. I know I wished growing up that I could just take a class on how to do my hair and make-up, but that was not offered.
When I decided to go to beauty school to learn all about the different techniques, I realized that I wanted to share my knowledge with others and help them learn about their hair.

Tired of your hair always looking the same? You don’t want to cut it and you love the color, but you don’t want to change it. So what are you going to do?

There are a few ways to alter your hair style without changing it to a whole new color or cutting it. I love my color and my cut so when I get bored or I’m feeling the need for a makeover, I diversify my style by changing how it’s parted. I cannot count how many times I have flipped the part to the other side of my head and have heard someone say, “I love your hair. It looks so good today. Did you color it?” or “Did you do something to your hair?” They could never put their finger on what I did differently. They just knew that my hair looked different and new. It is such an easy and simple trick and anyone can do it.

Try flipping your part sometime. It can be a deep side part, a middle part, or you can totally flip your part to the opposite side of your head. If you wear bangs, try to part them to the left or right. Clip them back and push them forward to make a poof or leave them flat. Part them right down the middle or even twist them to the side and clip them out of the way. Play around with them and see what looks good. Look around on the Internet at some pictures for some good ideas.

Another way to change the look of your hair is to put a few low-lights or highlights in it. With a few subtle pieces of color you can give your hair depth and dimension without changing the color or becoming high maintenance. The trick is to stay one or two levels within the range of your current color. All you need is to get a few pieces weaved in on the top of your head to give you the slight change you need. Choose highlights, low-lights or both. It’s really a great way to put a color change in your hair without completely altering what you love already.

It’s fun to be a girl and change your look often, so don’t be afraid to try something new. These are great ways to experiment with your hair without drastically restyling it.

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