The Permanent Wave is Your New Best Friend

You know that look. The hairstyle that has graced every red carpet of late: effortless, loose curls; waves that look natural, but you know took so much work to perfect. It’s a totally stylish look, but one that may give you second thoughts when you’re actually standing in front of the mirror, working to get your hair just right. There is another path, however, one you already know about, though you may have tried to forget its name. That path is the perm.

For a while (read: the period directly following the 1980s) a perm brought to mind damaged hair and tight curls that looked like they belonged on Kenny G’s head, and at the time, this view was entirely justified. Perms were an inexact science that, especially in the wrong hands, could damage hair and look bad doing it.

But perms have come a long way since then. Cold perms have become de riguer in salons, providing waves that can be easily straightened or curled, depending on your whim of the day, while hot perms have become much more exact, giving stylists minute control over the temperature and size of the curling rods used in the hair and allowing for greater control over the look of the curls. A perm is no longer one, iconic look, but a range of subtle curls and waves that can be styled to suit a person’s hair and individual style.

While much in the world of permanent waves has changed over the years, one thing hasn’t: to get a good perm, you need an expert stylist.

That’s where I come in. I will work with you to decide what look best fits your own personal style, and, perm or not, I will ensure that you leave my chair feeling happy and looking beautiful.


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